Redpost Media - Global Digital Media and Communications Agency

Our passion is combining business and human nature to create a company brand that will stand out from the crowd. With a team of designers, web developers, social media gurus and copywriters we look after all business sizes from the growing SME to the established international companies.

Without showing off, our services are flexible and independently focused making us proud to show a return on investment. We have more than marketing experience, we have invested and ran businesses in several commercial sectors therefore we understand how a business works.

Selkie Swim Co - Empowering open water swimmers of all abilities to push their personal boundaries.

We are more than just another sports brand – we are a community that wants you to enjoy the journey with us and do something that is life affirming. Move outside your comfort zone and swim where there is no chlorine to sting your eyes nor black lines to follow.

We are passionate about empowering open water swimmers of all abilities to push their personal boundaries.

Global Telesat Communications (GTC)

Global Telesat Communications (GTC) is a provider of communications hardware, airtime, mapping and related services which operate via satellite on the world’s leading commercial satellite networks. We enable wireless communications in areas not served or underserved by regular landline or mobile networks, or in circumstances where these networks are not operational due to natural or man-made disasters.

Many of our products and services offer 100% global coverage thereby allowing users in remote locations to make phone calls, connect to the internet and track assets or personnel anywhere in the world.


Whether it's the beach, the mountain or the street - we feel your passion. From surfing your local break, free-riding in the backcountry, to making use of our urban playgrounds. We've got your weekday commutes and weekend escapes covered, whilst doing our best to protect our favourite places, so get out there!

Olympia Triumph

Our product portfolio contains a diverse range of equipment from the highest standard safety and rescue equipment through to metal fittings, and equipment for the military.